Board Health Assessment

Take the 5-Minute Board Self-Evaluation and Unleash the Potential of Your Board

Attention Board of Director Members & Association Executive Directors:

Introducing The Board Health Assessment, a 20-question, Ph.D.-developed questionnaire that provides insights into your Board of Directors.  Yours at no cost through Leading Associations and World Class Boards!

Imagine the possibilities if you could:
  • Unleash the potential of your Board of Directors – both individually and collectively.
  • Identify the top strategic, personnel, and governance challenges facing your Board.
  • Strengthen Board Member/Staff relationships and create positive change.
  • Identify the key areas for strong, healthy Board of Directors function.

Find out if the Board Health Assessment is the right tool for your Board of Directors.


Uncover the Drivers of a Transformational

Board of Directors!

Many Boards of Directors lack the time and expertise to assess the effectiveness of their team. Objective insight into your strengths and blind spots, as well as seeing how you differ from others, is invaluable!   

 Additional takeaways include:

  • Better understand who they are and why certain challenges resurface over time.
  • Gain insights into your boards’ dynamics and effectiveness.
  • Better understand best practices of high performing boards.

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