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Through our sister company, we offer a number of programs for Board Training and Development. World Class Boards will customize programs to meet your needs, culture and time frame.

Board Resources


Governance Tools

Leadership Tools

Policies and Procedures Documents

Board Training Events

Boot Camp (day)

Building a World Class Board (day)

5 Elements of a WCB (1-2 hours)

Strategic Leadership (4-5 hours)

Elevating unity (1.5-2 hours)

Building World Class Committees     (1-2 hours)

Board of Director Boot Camp


April 24, 2019 – Denver

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June 20, 2019- Oklahoma City

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July 17, 2019-Chicago

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July 18, 2019- Milwaukee

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August 22, 2019-Olympia

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September 10, 2019-Washington, DC

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September 12, 2019-Minneapolis

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October 17, 2019-Denver

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November 14, 2019-Sacramento

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December 12, 2019-Tallahassee

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Webinars & Web-based Training


Elevating Unity (1 hour)

Building a World Class Board (1 hour)


Inspire Leadership

Learn what it takes to optimize your board’s effectiveness and lead strategically.