Re-establishing Trust After Board Infighting and Lawsuits

Conflict Resolution Success Story

The Client

A state-level association of specialized doctors.


The Challenge

Both the board and the organization were in complete disarray with warring factions causing chaos and damaging the organization’s reputation. Whenever an issue was contested, lawyers were brought in, and the result was that a huge percentage of time and money was wasted. The board nearly drained the organization’s reserves spending a fortune on legal fees.


The Solution

We conducted a board culture analysis, accomplished via leadership interviews and surveys. When we presented our report at a board meeting, the data helped the board swallow some hard truths about itself, and we were able to positively and calmly facilitate a soul-searching conversation. Some individuals who realized they were the primary source of the conflict and division willingly chose to resign in the best interest of the organization and refrain from causing further harm.