Providing Executive Leadership During Hiring Transition

Interim Executive Success Story

The Client

A state-level association in the housing industry.


The Challenge

The board made a decision to make a change in the executive leadership of the organization and needed Leading Associations to keep operations moving forward through the transition to a new hire.  The board already had a pre-established succession agreement in place with us.


The Solution

Whether we are hired in an interim role on an emergency basis or as part of a pre-established contractual succession agreement, our goal is to maintain the highest operational standards while managing the organization through the transition and to address challenging situations quickly. We conduct triage to uncover the most pressing issues and then look at the cultural demands and operational improvements that must be addressed to bring everything in line. We make sense of the disorder during an emergency, which can run far deeper than the board may realize.

As we manage the transition, we ensure that the board continues to do the work of the board, not getting diverted into operations and managing staff. We can also oversee or even manage the process of hiring of the new executive director